Content Services

Need custom training, user guide or hands-on lab built for your organization?


Our content team has built and maintains over 350 hands-on labs that are part of our own internal courses delivered by our trainers and also sold worldwide through a network of training provider resellers. This includes guided 'real-world' scenario hands-on lab exercises, end-user guides and technical tutorials that allows students to learn by doing!

Why not take advantage of our lab and content building expertise for your next user adoption project. As an approved developer for Skillable (Learn on demand) hands-on labs, we can help you leverage the latest learning technologies. 

We can create context specific learning guides that integrate seamlessly with your LMS, tailored to include your specific business processes, system and organization needs.

We can provide the following value-add solutions and services, including:

  • Interactive learning guides for your users that are customized to your specific business process
  • Hands-on labs that step users through key organizational process using your actual system
  • Integrated custom help pages and guides for your users and teams
  • Proof of concepts (POC)
  • Internal training environments
  • Employee Onboarding and skills assessments
  • User acceptance testing
  • Solution specific development
  • Step through user guides and labs that integrate with your LMS


Building courses and hands-on labs is what we do...


We have a team of content creators that have many years of experience creating content, exercises and labs for many different rtypes of organizations including Microsoft Learning Partners and other Microsoft channels that have been consumed by 1000's of students world-wide.

We currently build hands-on labs and content for the following partners:

  • Microsoft (Courseware Marketplace)
  • Global Knowledge (Global)
  • New Horizons (Global)
  • LearnFast (South Africa)
  • Torque IT (South Africa)
  • LGIT Smart (Africa)
  • Master IT (Netherlands)
  • SolarTech (USA)
  • System Source (USA)
  • Tech Data (Global)
  • Web Age Solutions (Global)
  • NetCom Learning (USA)


We are currently extending the availability of our content development team services.

Please contact us to speak to one of our content account managers today to see how we can help you on your next training project.