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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting


This course is aimed at report authors, end users, project managers, and consultants who are needing to gain insights into operational data held within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


In this course you will learn to master all the necessary tools and resources to connect to, evaluate, query and visualize data held within Dynamics 365 Business Central, including:

  • Learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting options
  • Learn about the in-built Reports and how to make the most of Search Inquiries
  • Learn how to effectively use all search tools in Business Central to be productive
  • Learn tips and tricks, best practices, and recommendations while working with Business Central data
  • Learn how to leverage intelligence and analytics through Power BI integration




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Module 1: Overview of Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Reporting in Business Central

  • Information insights in Business Central
  • Platform Enablement for Analytics
  • OOTB Reports
  • Searching
  • Reports
  • Working with Data in Excel
  • Power BI
  • Power BI options
  • Licensing considerations
  • Data refresh options


Module 2: Working with Business Central Data

  • Reporting options in Business Central
  • SSRS reports
  • Power BI reports
  • Search features
  • Data export options
  • Data export using office integration


Module 3: Introducing Power BI with Business Central

  • Power BI Desktop and Business Central
  • Power BI Desktop and Business Central Data
  • Power BI Desktop and Business Central Financials


Module 4: Creating Reports in Power BI

  • Creating reports in Power BI Desktop
  • Working with Datasets
  • Working with Filters
  • Working with Visualizations
  • Working with Dataflows
  • The Business Central Connector


Module 5: Creating Dashboards in Power BI

  • Creating Power BI Dashboards
  • Working with Workspaces
  • Mobile Dashboards
  • Data Refreshing
  • Sharing Dashboards


Module 6: Power BI Apps, Security and Embedding

  • An overview of Power BI Apps
  • Using Apps to Publish Dashboards
  • Apps and Security
  • Embedding Power BI Dashboards into Business Central