Dynamics365courses.com - Acclaim Partnership

Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement


Today Dynamics365courses.com (www.dynamics365courses.com) announces a new exciting partnership with digital badge credential provider Acclaim (www.youracclaim.com).

The new Dynamics365courses.com badges can be viewed here.


New Digital Badge Credentials for all Courses and On-Demand Lab Attendees

As part of this new partnership, attendees of our instructor-led training courses and subscribers to our on-demand 'hands-on' labs will receive on completion of their course a digital badge credential.

Once accepted the student may showcase their achievement on their social media channels.

Each digital badge credential will link directly through to the Acclaim portal to showcase skills obtained by the student as part of the course or learning path undertaken at Dynamics365courses.com.

Students who have attended an ILT (Instructor Led Training) course with us within the last 6 months will also receive a digital badge credential back dated to the course they attended.

If you have any questions regarding our new badging program please contact us here.