Private Training

Need more than just training?


As an organization you will have specific requirements that sometimes are just not satisfied by attending a generic training course.

This is where Private Training comes in...

By working closely with you to understand your specific learning requirements, we will create a custom training experience for your team.

Custom courses can be delivered on-site at your location or online as a virtual instructor-led course over Microsoft Teams.

Giving you the ultimate value for your training dollars and direct focus on the needs of your organization and training outcomes.


Whats included?

  • One-on-one Sessions with You and your Team

Bring your questions, issues, problems and needs. With context specific private training we can focus on whats important to you.

  • Custom Courses

We can create a completely customized course specifically for your organizational requirements and learning needs. Mix and match content from our existing course catalog. If your looking for something more specific we will create content using our extensive experience with Microsoft Business Applications. 

  • A Designer Learning Experience

We will design a training package that works best for your team and organization, including traditional Instructor-led training, blended delivery, on-demand video courses and interactive hands-on labs.

  • Advisory

Using our extensive experience with Microsoft Business Applications we can take into consideration your specific customizations, configuration and deployment. We can advise and guide taking into consideration your particular circumstances. We can provide the visibility and insights that you need across the technology and best practices.

  • Mentoring

Targeted training, upskilling and retraining of End Users. Mentoring and guidance for your Team. Helping your End Users be productive and your Technical Staff to support and manage systems through learning best practice methodologies.

  • Experts at the touch of a button

Make us an extension of your project team. Courses and mentoring sessions can be ran ad-hoc when needed most.



I'm interested. What's the next step?


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