Virtual Dynamics Advisor

Need more than just training?


As an organization you will have specific requirements that sometimes are just not satisfied by attending a generic training course.

This is where our Virtual Dynamics Advisor service comes in...

Best described as....

You - Your Dynamics 365 Solution - and one of our Experts performing a 'Live' audit hitting all your pain points, issues, questions over Microsoft Teams.

Giving you the ultimate value for your training dollars and direct focus on your immediate needs.

Designed as a 100% virtually delivered service over Microsoft Teams.


Whats included?

  • One-On-One Sessions with You and your Team

Bring your questions, issues, problems and needs. We'll step through your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Solution, pick it to pieces and dissect whats going on. We'll identify the issues and discuss how you can deploy best practice strategy to prevent the issues from happening again. 

  • Dynamics 365 Managed Services (for the things that matter)

Proactive monitoring, auditing and notification for your Dynamics 365 deployment, environment, configuration and customizations. We can help you manage the risks that come with owning Dynamics 365.

  • Dynamics 365 Advisory

Need access to independent experts on your project that can advise you on what the technology can do with no other agenda. We can provide the visibility and insight that you need.

  • Dynamics 365 Mentoring

Custom training, upskilling and retraining of End Users. Mentoring and guidance for your organization. Helping your end users and technical staff to support and manage a Dynamics 365 deployment by learning best practice methodologies.

  • Experts at the touch of a button

Make us an extension of your project team. Outsource to us or let us guide your users how to do it (preferred).


Manage the risk that comes with owning Dynamics 365

Did you know that Microsoft releases two major updates to Dynamics 365 each year? Updates contain new features, fixes and can also change how Dynamics 365 looks and works to the end-user. Updates can also depreciate features that Microsoft deem to be 'old', they can also make changes that could conflict with your customizations. The last  April release contained over 400 product updates to the Dynamics 365 suite.

You can read more about how Microsoft updates Dynamics 365 here:

Read about Dynamics 365 Updates

Do you know how these frequent updates will effect your deployment of Dynamics 365? or your particular customizations and configuration?

We are here to help you keep on top of things.

Using our years experience and understanding of how Dynamics 365 and Microsoft works, we have designed a range of tools and methodologies to help you manage the risk.

Make our team an extension of yours. Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants... 

Benefit from our experience...


  • Strategy and Advisory

We will work with your team to prepare and implement a proactive strategy to manage the risk that is involved with deploying, managing and the ongoing support of a Dynamics 365 deployment in your organization. Take advantage of our 10 year experience gained from training and working with similar organizations to help implement best practice policies that grow organically as your organization grows.  

  • Microsoft Updates Notification

Did you know that Microsoft releases two major updates to Dynamics 365 every year. Keeping up to speed with Microsoft's update roadmap is a full time job. Take advantage of our expertise in this area. We live and breathe Dynamics 365. We will notify you of any impact well before the update goes to General Availability. We will also help you review, identifying risk, test updates and retrain your users where needed. Need help moving to the new Unified Client Interface? We can get you there before its too late.

  • Change Management

We will work with your team to create and manage a successful Change Management strategy between your Sandbox, Test and Production environments that works with your organization culture.

  • User and Team Guidance

As Dynamics 365 evolves you will need to ensure your users are aware of any changes that effect them. Updates to Dynamics 365 often include interface changes across the Web, Outlook and Phone devices. We can upskill your users where necessary so they know what to expect.

  • Vendor Liaison

Its common practice to outsource the meat of a Dynamics 365 project to an external 3rd party vendor. Sometimes it's beneficial to have a neutral party work with you and your users when it comes to understanding the Dynamics 365 'speak', understand the 'how it was done', and also to ensure you are ready to support the system internally after hand-over. Our services include end-user adoption strategy and training as well as working with your IT staff to ensure a smooth transition from the vendor to internal support.

  • Licensing

Paying more than you need to is a very common scenario for most organizations when it comes to licensing Dynamics 365 and related technologies. We will work with you to plan and implement an optimized licensing strategy that often saves our customers thousands of dollars every year.

  • New Apps, Solutions and Customizations

How do you know your new apps, customizations or solution will coexist with what you currently have in Dynamics 365? We can work with you to identify areas of risk, guide your customizers and developers, and ensure your next changes work without issue with Dynamics 365, the next update and your 3rd party solutions.

  • Custom Reports, Dashboards and Insights

Need a custom report or dashboard built that utilizes data in Dynamics 365? Don't have a report developer to do this? We can help you create reports and dashboards in Power BI that integrate with Dynamics 365 data and share them with your users.

  • Best practice Configuration and Customization

Sure, it's fairly straight forward to customize Dynamics 365, but how sure are you of the best approach to take? Let us guide you...

  • Integrate Dynamics 365 with anything!

Connecting Dynamics 365 to other systems is a very common need for most organizations. We have all kinds of tools that can help you do this (*Additional costs may apply).

  • Sometimes you just want to ask a Question

Your users can ask questions via our online Helpdesk or attend one of our weekly Webinars. Manned by Dynamics 365 experts - we will know the answer...

  • Ongoing Support and Advisory

We can provide you with Ad-Hoc Support, Help desk facilities and Service Level Agreements if needed (*Additional costs may apply).



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